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Alumni Network

The Real Food Challenge has cultivated a robust network of student activists organizing for just & sustainable food on their campuses. Organizing towards a real food economy doesn't end on campus -- it just begins there. To build our real food system, we need to stay in community, stay connected, support each other, and support the students who are shifting $1 billion to our real food system -- one that is just and nourishing to all of our communities, our environment, our health, and our well-being.
The RFC Alumni Network is a network of young folks creating the real food economy --- staying involved after student activism or joining the movement anew. 
The RFC Alumni Network provides members:
    •    An active networking, organizing, and job sharing listserv
    •    A seasonal newsletter of amazing member writing, reflection, and resources
    •    Local meet-ups and community
    •    Personal mentorship and support opportunities 
Above all, we are a supportive, dynamic group of your peers--young food system change-makers and leaders. Join us! We are are the real food future.

To join the network, please fill out our Alumni Survey -- we want to know how to stay connected with you & your thoughts about the Network.

And please consider becoming a Monthly Sustainer! You started these great real food efforts as a student -- and you can help keep them going as an Alumni Monthly Sustainer!

Real Food Challenge Sustainer Giving

Stay connected, or get connected! Join the RFC Alumni Network. Questions? Contact Katie at