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10 Moments to Remember from #RealFoodRising

on October 18, 2013

Last weekend students from around the country traveled by planes, trains, busses and cars to sleep on church floors and dive into the nuts and bolts of our food system. We lived together, ate together, and learned together how we can continue to change the narrative of the food in this country. Here are some top moments from #RealFoodRising:

1. Students filling the room on the first night with enthusiasm for the weekend ahead and an eagerness to learn!

2. So many hugs!

3. Telling stories, naming challenges, and sharing the inspiration that fuels our work

4. Meals shared: home cooked food made with donations of real food to nourish us for the stretch ahead!

5. Joining in solidarity with others working to bring justice to our world through transforming the food system.

6. Hundreds of us hitting the streets asking for a commitment to real food from universities and fast food restaurants!

7. Remembering our personal connections to this work and learning about other perspectives that bring color, life, and depth to our movement.

8. Workshops! Regional times, corporate food service breakouts, community care, campaign planning...lots of learning, sharing, engaging!

9. Giving testimony to the inspiration we have drawn from each other as a community, and dedicating ourselves to the continued journey!

10. Closing out #RealFoodRising with appreciations, refection, and a shared belief that our work together is stronger than our work alone!

11. ...and of course, the final stomp!