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April Real Food Challenge Media Round-up!

on May 6, 2010

It's been a year chock-full of events, actions, successes (and challenges), AND press coverage!  Every week we see great news popping up on college papers and other local and national media outlets.  Here's a handful of articles from the past month.  Take a look, and feel free to reach out to the students featured, we're sure they'd love to hear from you!.

For tips on how to get your school started on a real food campaign, contact


PC Craves "Real Food"
Students at Providence College take on the Real Food Challenge and kick things off with a movie screening. 

Real Food Week Highlights Sustainable, Humane Agriculture
UC Davis students plan a Real Food Week to bring social justice to the forefront of their real food campaign.

UW-Madison Students Should Demand More Sustainable Food Choices
While UW Madison is making steps toward food sustainability, there's more to be done to become a model university for real food. 

Going Green Requires New Sustainable Dining Options
A student at Rice challenges her classmates to really "go green" by joining the Real Food Challenge and making their campus food real. 

UW Food Co-op Survey & Petition
U Washington students call for support for a student food coop!

Fair Food Potluck at University of Tennessee Knoxville
Students at U Tennessee host a public potluck to feast on, spread the word about, and advocate for real food.

Students Build Renewable Power Project for Organic Farm
Washington State University students break ground on a turbine to provide clean energy for a student organic farm.

Student Hires Bring 'Real' Food to the Ratty
Students at Brown use funding from their administration to advocate for and measure real food purchased by their campus.

Students Learn Sustainability
San Diego State students start a student farm as part of a course on food justice and sustainability.

Food Fight
High school students in Minooka, IL, organize a weeklong boycott of school food and a costly debit card required to purchase it. 

The Real Food Challenge
Shout-out from crew members of the open-ocean canoe Hōkūle‘a, which is based in Hawaii and voyages to support a "healthy and sustainable earth." 

Future Farmers Transplanted from Cities and Suburbs

Future farmers are coming from increasingly diverse backgrounds, including urban and suburban communities.  RFC Steering Committee member Damian Parr highlights the importance of sustainable agriculture education in supporting these farmers.

Will Work for Food? Try Food Corps
Food Corps, a new AmeriCorps program focused on revolutionizing school food, kicks off with a planning summit in Detroit in May.  RFC will be there!