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Food Day New Haven: A Holistic Celebration of Food!

on August 29, 2011

Guest Blog Post by:

Susannah Albert-Chandhok,Yale Grassroots Leader & Food Day Campus Coordinator


What would it take to create a food system that promotes global nourishment and environmental sustainability?


This real food change would take national progress and fe
deral modification in modern food policy, but to make a shift in how we eat, we need a grassroots start.
We need a local impetus for a real food change.
The grassroots movement can flourish into abundant action on college campuses, and some of the most successful movements towards a better food system have started and prospered with campus support. Plus, there are many new movements growing every day.
I myself am a “New” girl, originally from New Orleans and now living in New Haven, but even in “New” cities, old traditions still reign strong in the culinary culture.  To understand New Orleans’ Cajun or Creole cuisine, you must understand the history and traditions of the people that first lived and cooked in the city in the 1800s.  My interest in food beyond cooking started with understanding the history behind New Orleans’ cuisine. However, once you begin to study the history of food, you start to develop an interest in modern culinary culture, and unfortunately the current state of food can be 
quite startling (as many Yale students like myself who have taken the very popular Kelly Brownell course, "The Psychology, Biology, and Politics of Food" can attest to!)
The reason why I want to fight for real food is to combat the fear that surrounds food, eating, and often our food production system. The quote that drives my action is one by Julia Child. In 1990 Julia Child said, “If fear of food continues, it will be the death of gastronomy in the United States.”
For Food Day New Haven, we are not only increasing awareness of food issues, but we are celebrating food and the wonderful culinary traditions in New Haven.
Also for Food Day New Haven, we want to combine the spirit and energy of college action with the traditions and strength of the greater New Haven community’s action to celebrate and fight for better food.
Food Day New Haven will be a collective series of events that showcase all the wonderful aspects of food like the culinary arts, the stories behind cooking and food, and the art and music that food can inspire. The events will also focus on uncovering the problems with food and our modern food system and on advocacy for local and national change.
Student groups will be joining forces with community organizations to help plan and execute these events and all the events will be open to the entire New Haven community.
I represent the Yale College Student Food Coalition, a group that has been working this summer with the New Haven Food Policy Council to plan Food Day New Haven, and we are very excited to have the Real Food Challenge’s support!
Please check out all things Food Day New Haven at our blog, our Facebook page, and our twitter.
Go college foodies planning for Food Day 2011 around the world!