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Join the Movement: Bring Food Day 2011 to your campus!

on June 23, 2011

The Real Food Challenge is excited to announce our latest way to celebrate real food and get one step closer to seeing it on your campus!

Along with the Center for Science in the Public Interest we will be organizing the first ever national Food Day on October 24, 2011.
Food Day will also mark the launch of our GET REAL! Campaign and the "Real Food Campus Committment" that will ensure local, sustainable, and ethical food in your dining halls. In order to pull all of this off, we need students like you to sign up your school to participate!
With a little bit of organizing and a lot of enthusiasm, Food Day actions and events will be taking place on hundreds of college campuses and engaging thousands of students, staff, and community members all across America.
Below are the national 2011 Food Day Priorities:
·      Reduce obesity and diet-related disease by promoting health foods
·      Support sustainable family farms and reform the subsidization of huge agribusiness
·      End food deserts by providing access to healthy and affordable food
·      Protect the environment and farm animals with factory farms reform
·      Promote children’s health by curbing junk-food marketing aimed at kids
You can read more about these at
On college campuses we also face a separate set of issues such as food transparency, fair wages for staff, and community involvement. Our hope is that the GET REAL! Campaign will help address these specific needs and issues on your individual campus. 
It isn't too late to start planning your event! You could organize an eat-in, host a locally sourced meal followed by a documentary screening, throw a local food Harvest Festival…the possibilities are endless.
Students at UNC-Chapel Hill celebrate with farmworkers at the North Carolina's 18th Annual Farmworker Festival.
The goal of your Food Day event is to help change the way your campus eats and views food and food service. With the excitement and momentum created with your event, you can begin to approach your administration about ways to be apart of our new GET REAL! Campaign.