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RFC needs YOU!

on November 17, 2009

In one short year, the Real Food Challenge has gone from an idea of a few to a campaign of many.

One Month of Action.  Three Leadership Trainings. Five Regional Summits. Over 300 schools taking action and nearly 3,000 students in the Network.

We are a new tide of young people equipped with the tools, knowledge and soul force to transform the world into a place that, in the words of the campaign, supports "a food system that truly nourishes ourselves, our communities, and the earth."

But a campaign led by student food activists is by definition strapped for cash.  We've got tuition, room and board, student loans, and books to buy, let alone a Real Food Challenge to fund!  We need the support of people like you--people gathering, people growing, people eating, people working together to catalyze powerful, lasting change on our campuses and in our communities.

Please take a couple minutes to make a secure donation online today!

Your gift will keep our campaign strong, so that we can worry about bigger and badder things in life, like being fed E. Coli tainted meat, tomatoes stained with human rights abuses, or grain grown at the expense of soil. WE NEED YOU! In the spirit of giving thanks, of nourishing our communities, of making the world a better place to live in: please make a donation to the Real Food Challenge.

$25 will support the registration fee for one student to go to a regional Real Food Summit
$50 provides a travel scholarship so a student can attend one of our intensive summer leadership trainings
$100 supports the research for the Real Food Calculator--one of our most powerful tools
$500 is a semester's stipend for one youth Regional Field Organizer, ready to spark new real food campaigns on campus

Please donate today! With your support, we can make real change for real food now!

Thank you from the bottom of our hearts.
The Real Food Challenge Team