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THREE Ways to Celebrate Food Day

on October 24, 2011

Today is Food Day.  Student leaders on 220 campuses around the country are taking action.  Together, we're sending a powerful message--food justice can't wait.  We want real food now.  Want to get in on the fun?  Here's three easy ways:

1 - Join our National Photo Petition


Today we launch the phase of our effort: the GET REAL! Campaign.  The goal?  Get every College president in the U.S. to sign a Real Food Campus Commitment--a pledge to make real food a prioriy at their institution. 

Show your solidarity for this new campaign by joining our national photo petition. It's simple: add your voice to the voices of thousands of other activists by uploading a photo with your unique real food message:  "I want real food because..." Here's how: 

  1. Make a sign with your unique message and take a picture! (computer cameras or cell phones will do!)
  2. Go to and sign in using password "Pumpkin"
  3. Click the "+ Add More Photos" button (in the top right corner of the page)
  4. Where it says, "Your Display Name," type in your full name as well as affiliation (i.e. "Jessie Ellington, Lincoln, Nebraska").
  5. Then upload your photos--as many as you like!

Our goal--1,000 photo peitions by October 31st!  Take 5 minutes and join our virtual petition for real food.
Note: if you're participating in our campus Photo Petition Contest, please upload all the photos from your school using your school's name as the "display name."

2 - Vote for our Real Food Awards Winners

Food Day is also a time to celebrate the people who make this real food revolution possible.  Who's behind this change?* 

  • STUDENTS -- like Luisa Zamora, who organized a encuentro of student activists in Denver, CO to address farmworker justice issues.

  • WORKERS -- like Anibella Papas, who has brought students and dining service workers together to push for more just and sustainable food at Harvard.

  • DINING MANAGERS -- Darren Achtzehn, who brought new levels of sustainability to Seton Hill University.

  • PRODUCERS -- like Gregory Bratton, who's established community gardens across Chicago on formerly contaminated brownfield sites.

  • FACULTY & ADMIN -- Alfonso Morales at the University of Wisconsin, who's been an incredible champion of UW's student-run cafe.

*All of the leaders above were nominated by students!  With five finalists per category and cash prizes on the line--now it's time to VOTE for our Real Food Awards WINNERS.

3 - Watch these Awesome Videos about Real Food & Social Change!

Hai Vo - Real Food Calculator

(Left) Hai Vo on healthy lifestyles, the Real Food Calculator and student organizing in southern California; (top right) Tim Galarneau speaks at TEDxFruitvale on student movements and re-claiming the right to real food.

(Left) Anim Steel at Bioneers enlightens us about the slave trade, the roots of industrial food and new opportunities for action; (right) David Schwartz (and Nick Cannon!) on VH1 talking about how colleges and universities could change the food economy.


p.s.  Check back tomorrow for what's shaping up to be an amazing recap of all the Food Day action!