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Top 10 Reasons Why Your Campus Should be Involved in Food Day

on July 11, 2011

Over 50 college campuses so far are participating in Food Day scheduled for October 24. Students across America are already dreaming big about how they will transform campus food and brainstorming ways to get Mark Bittman to cook their entire campus a 5 course meal. Here at the RFC, we are excited to see so much enthusiasm and participation after just a few short weeks, but we can't help but ask: what about the other hundreds of college campuses? There must be tons of students dying to see local food in their dining halls so what's stopping them from signing up?

In case you are part of that group wondering if it is worth your valuable time and a good use of your refined organizing skills check out this list of reasons why your campus should be involved in Food Day:

1. You've had enough of rotten veggies in the salad bar and Mystery Meat Mondays.

2. Hosting a Food Day event will unite you with socially-minded organizers all across the nation. (Check out the map of Food Day events at

3. Getting involved in Food Day means supporting local farmers, local businesses, the local economy, and as a!

4. Spending time organizing for Food Day means you don't have to feel as bad about not doing your stats homework. 

5. "Real Food" only accounts for less than 2% of our national food economy. Food Day events will highlight this disparity and grow the local food markets.

6. This is the first year for Food Day so you will have bragging rights when your grandchilden talk about Food Day in years to come. 

 7. Colleges and universities together have an annual purchasing power of 5 billion dollars. Signing onto our Real Food Campus Commitment will help shift that money to real food!

8. Food Day events will probably involve a lot of great food...and it might even be free! 

9. Working with the RFC office for Food Day means having the inside scoop on how to transform our food system. 

10. Michael Pollan's doing it. 

Convinced? Sign up here!!