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Food Day 2014

Food Day Photo Action: #CommitTo Real Food!

Nationwide, students running Real Food Challenge campaigns have shifted over $65 million to sustainable and just food, using the buying power of their colleges and universities.

This year on Food Day, we will come together to demand our schools #CommitTo real food.

Each photo will include the unifying phrases: “My school should #CommitTo real food because…”  or "My school should #CommitTo…"-- you fill in the blank!  Taken together, your dozens or hundreds of photo petitions, you can make a powerful statement to campus administrators and the broader Food Day community. 

The photo action will also be a chance to highlight the diversity of the food movement.  From climate change to farmworker justices, food touches so many issues; plus everyone eats!  This photo action is a great way to build coalitions with other groups and highlight the many reasons people care about food justice.

It's simple:

  1. Grab your Photo Petition Supplies:  A whiteboard, a chalkboard or some pre-made supplies (and don't forget a camera!)
  2. Get some Outreach Materials: RFC Brochures, sign-up sheets, snacks!
  3. Set up and Go:  Set up a table, or take your signs and clipboards around campus snapping photo petition shots
  4. Share 'em!: email all your shots to  OR upload all your pics to facebook with the #CommitTo hashtag

What is Food Day?
From rising rates of diabetes and obesity at home to the human rights abuses in the field, it's clear that our food system is in need of major change.
On October 24th, 2014, students, faculty, staff and community members will come together to learn, eat and advocate for a more just and sustainable food system on their campuses.  Food Day brings together people from all walks of life to unite around a common passion for food justice.  
Last year over 100,000 people attended campus-organized events at more than 300 colleges and universities nationwide. With your help, Food Day 2014 will be even bigger! 

Click here to sign up on!

Why should we host an event on my campus?
It’s momentous
We’re dealing with huge purchasing power: colleges and universities spend $5 billion on dining every year. If as a national movement, we can shift just 20% of that -- $1 billion -- then we are creating incredible opportunities for tens of thousands of small real food farmers and food businesses. If we harness Food Day as a unified student food movement, we can have incredible bearing on our future together.
It’s strategic
Whether you want to run the Real Food Calculator, get the Real Food Campus Commitment signed, or simply want to start the conversation about your college or university’s role in supporting real food, Food Day is the perfect opportunity to bolster your campaign. Host a movie screening or a dinner, invite your campus community, and have a petition to sign!
It’s exciting!
From scrumptious dinners to movie screenings to Real Food Campus Commitment signings, students celebrated in style in 2012! Read more about a few events from last year below.


Guide to Coalition Building

Guide to Great Events

Guide to Stellar Turnout

Running an Awesome Table

Snapshot of Food Day 2013
“As I talked to students, I’m reminded that no matter their dress, their major, the 'tough look' on their face, EVERYONE is open to talking about better food policies in America. Everyone is open to this conversation--they're positively hungry to engage in it." -Liz O'Brien, Phoenix College, AZ
From the Blog: 

About RFC & Food Day 
Real Food Challenge (RFC) is a national, student-driven campaign to create a more just and sustainable food system.  With active campaigns on over 100+ campuses and a network that extends to tens of thousands of student leaders, Real Food Challenge is connecting, training and supporting a new generation of real food leaders.  Our primary campaign is to shift $1 of existing university food spending to local & community based, fair, ecologically sound and humane farms and food producers--what we call 'real food'.  To learn more, visit our About Us and Get Started pages.
Food Day is a project of the Center for Science in the Public Interest (CSPI), a DC-based advocacy group. CSPI has long sought to educate the public, advocate government policies that are consistent with scientific evidence on health and environmental issues, and counter industry's powerful influence on public opinion and public policies.  Learn more about CSPI and Food Day.