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Guide to Launch

1. Pull Together an Organizing Team
Start by reaching out to friends, classmates, and other student groups. The success of an event often depends on the passion and diversity of talents of the event organizers. Before you plow ahead on your own, identify your Organizing Team (even if its just 2 people).

2. Decide on an Event or an Action
Get creative! Get ambitious! Making change on campus requires bold thinking and careful planning. Only you know what your campus needs—whether it is an informational workshop, a rally, a special dinner, or a petition drive. If you’re stumped, check out the Action Ideas page for some great suggestions that have worked before.

3. Commit to Action
Register your event in our database.

4. Plan your event: Details, details, details
The devil is always in the details. Read through the Event Planning Tips sheet to make sure you’ve covered your bases.

5. Spread the word
There are endless ways to advertise your event: Posters, fliers, listservs, facebook invites, campus-wide email lists and event calendars. Ask friendly professors if you can make class announcements and tell everyone you know! The Real Food Challenge Resources page will have some great templates for you to use – coming soon!

6. Think VIPs
Think about inviting some notable people to your event—this can help give you credibility and visibility. These VIPs can also be useful targets if your action is challenging people in power to make change. Can you get a local politician, a senior administrator, a prominent faculty member or an important community member to your event?

7. Think Media
Local radio, TV, student newspapers—get them all to cover your event.

8. Make Your “Real Food Now!” Poster
Get out the paint brushes and spray cans and make a big “Real Food Now” poster. Make sure to take a picture of you and the poster at your action. This will provide an important element of continuity as thousands of students act in solidarity with one another.

9. Document your Action
Take photos! Make a video! Write an article! Capture your campus in action so that the rest of the nation can see. Make sure to send us your files and we’ll upload them to the RFC website so we can highlight your good work online.

10. Report Back!
Go to the Report Back page (coming soon) to upload your videos, photos, or writing of your campus action. Make sure to fill out the report back form so we know how your event went.