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Welcome to the Real Food Challenge Midwest Regional Page

The Midwest region includes Michigan, Ohio, Indiana, Illinois, Wisconsin, Iowa, Minnesota, Missouri, Kansas, Nebraska, North Dakota, and South Dakota. You can read updates and find information about past events below.
Contact your Midwest Regional Field Organizers by emailing You can find their bios here.


Registration is online for the Spring Action Trainings. Click here to register for Columbus, OH!

Midwest Bus to Breaking Ground 2013!

Traveling with the Midwest Caravan to Breaking Ground 2013 in Baltimore? This is where you submit your payment for your seat on the bus.
This PayPal button will take you to a separate page. Input the amount you are contributing to cover your delegation's costs. You can pay separately, but don't forget to let us know what school you're from and who you're paying for!
The minimum payment is $120/person. The bus costs $8000 total -- RFC has offered a subsidy to everyone to lower the price. Please contribute as much as you are able to support this epic Real Food Road Trip! 



Register Today

We just can't get enough of getting-together in the Midwest. We hosted TWO trainings in the Midwest this summer -- in Ames, IA and St. Paul, MN, and are now putting one together for Chicago, October 18 - 21

Join us in for a full weekend of engaging with the tools, skills, stories, and personal connections that help make real change possible---and leave with a solid action plan to bring back to your campus community for the coming year!

These trainings are geared towards all college students looking to start or strengthen a campaign for real food on their campus. We encourage participants to attend with at least one other student from their school to help create a campaign action plan as a team.

These trainings will provide a unique opportunity for students to learn from one another and experienced organizers working with RFC. They are also a great way for students to connect with the midwest organizers who will be supporting students in the region throughout the school year--and we'd love to see you there.


  • Chicago, IL -- October 18-21
  • **You will be sent directions to the training location and a packing list after you fill out the registration form below.


Click HERE to register for the Chicago training!

**Note to Registrants: This is a two-step process. Click the link above to open the Registration Form in a new window. When you've submitted the form, come back to this page to pay your Registration Fee (sliding scale) via PayPal. Thank you!

Pricing for the weekend (including all training costs, food & lodging) will be on a sliding scale of $35-$50. Paying the higher registration fee if you are able allows us to provide scholarships that keeps the training accessible to all.  Please pay as much as you are able to contribute.

MW Leadership Training

The training will feature a wide range of workshops, activities and games, as well as plenty of time to eat, cook and hang out together.  Here is a description of a few of the workshops of the weekend:

  • Storytelling for Organizing - Why do you do what you do?  Telling stories about the food system and about our own lives is one of the best ways to teach, inspire and connect with those around us.  In this workshop you'll have a chance reflect on your own experiences as well as learn the basics of how to construct a powerful public narrative to share with others.
  • Inside the Corporate Food Service Industry - Did you know that your campus cafeteria is likely connected to a multi-national, multi-billion dollar food service industry?  Who really controls what food ends up on your plate?  It's not as simple as you might think!  In this workshop, we go behind the cafeteria counter to explore what's really going on in the kitchens, on the loading docks and in corporate board rooms of some of the largest companies in the world.  Together we'll also explore the incredible power students have to change the system and promote a real food economy on campus and beyond! 
  • Recruitment and Retention on a Busy Campus - Whether you're just starting a student group or dealing with year-to-year turnover, knowing how to attract new members and keep them around is of critical importance.  In this workshop we'll discuss some simple tools to keep you on track.  You'll also learn about 'relational meetings' and strategies for connecting one-on-one with fellow group members for long term success.

Want to get involved in the planning process, connect to other students, and/or help recruit students in your area? Other questions?  Feel free to contact Katie, Carmen, Siri, and Alex at

Check out this blog from the first Midwest Real Food Road Trip!



  • Real Food Sumer Leadership Trainings - July and August 2012
    • Ames, IA
    • St. Paul, MN
  • Campus Workshops & Intensives - Winter/Spring 2012
    • University of Minnesota - Morris, University of Minnesota - Twin Cities, University of Iowa, Macalester, Carleton, St. Olaf & Kalamazoo Colleges
  • Midwest Real Food Road Trip #2 - October 2011
    • Luther College, Beloit College, University of Wisconsin - La Crosse, University of Wisconsin-Madison, College of Lake County (IL), Northwestern University, DePaul University, Oberlin College, Kenyon College, Earlham College, Lincoln Land Community College, Heartland Community College, Joliet Junior College
  • Real Food Summer Leadership Training - August 2011
    • Northfield, MN                   
  • Midwest Real Food Summit - February 2011
    • Chicago, IL
  • Midwest Real Food Road Trip - January 2011
    • Knox College, Kalamazoo College, University of Toledo, Indiana University, University of Missouri, Beloit College, Carleton College, St. Olaf College
  • Midwest Summit - March 2010
    • Minneapolis, MN
  • Midwest Real Food Training - July 2009
    • Ames, Iowa
  • Midwest Summit - March 2009
    • Fairfield, Iowa