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Real Food Challenge is hiring!

on October 27, 2017

We're looking for feisty organizers to join us as 1) Northeast Regional Coordinator, and 2) Digital Strategy and Northeast Coordinator. Check out these links to learn more. Applications will be accepted on a rolling basis until November 20, 2017.

Reflections on Taking Action from Anim Steel

on September 8, 2017

I’m out of jail, grateful for the support and actions so many took yesterday, and in ever deeper awe of the young leaders who marched without documents AND without fear.

This was the first time I took a higher risk action. I’m writing about my experience to support others in thinking through the decision of whether or not to risk arrest during a crisis.


After 9 young DACA recipients were arrested during a civil disobedience action, a dozen of us with US citizenship blocked the street in front of Trump Tower.

BREAKING: California students vote YES for Real Food, NO for corporate kickbacks!

on May 8, 2017

On May 6, students from the CSU and in the California State Student Association (CSSA) voted yes on a resolution for Real Food Systems in the CSU urging CSSA to support an increase in Real Food purchasing, to contest corporate food service kickbacks at 8 CSU campuses, and promote small student and community-based businesses. 

1. Real Food Purchasing: In 2014 the Cal State University (CSU) system approved a food service section in the Sustainability Policy ​that requires all 23 campuses to attain 20% Real Food by 2020 and track and report sustainable food purchases based in the ​Real Food

RFC and Stanford Students Team Up for Milk With Dignity: ‘Hey Ben & Jerry’s can I get some milk with dignity in my Cherry Garcia?’

on February 23, 2017

Last week, students from Stanford united with Real Food Challenge students in California and demonstrated that when we organize and stand together we can make a real difference in working people’s lives in the food system!

RFC and Students And Labor Alliance (SALA) teamed up to welcome Vermont dairy workers that work in Ben & Jerry’s(B & J)  Vermont dairy supply chain. The night before B&J’s CEO Jostein Solheim was scheduled to speak at Stanford, workers shared their stories and held a dialogue with students to discuss the Milk with Dignity program ,Worker-Driven Social Responsibility vs.

"Like a burning fire of love"

on November 16, 2016

Listen in to our webinar recording as four movement leaders share their reflections and urge us all to act:

This is an important moment -- let's get together

on November 14, 2016

Last week, we woke up with a new President. Ever since we’ve been discussing, feeling, thinking all over the map. But one thing has held us constant: we know that today our work is more important than ever. 

This election revealed twin truths that may not come as a surprise to many of us:

  • Corruption and corporate consolidation have hollowed out economic opportunities and livelihoods for too many.  Unfair trade deals, Big Food mergers and a USDA that answers to Big Ag have left too many ranchers, farmers and fishermen -- and their communities -- feeling powerless and unsupported.
  • The legacy

A Seat at the Table

on October 27, 2016

This past month more than 200 students and allies took to the streets in Georgia. Carrying chairs lofted high, we came to demand that the University of Georgia take a seat at the table. See, there's a long legacy of exploitation in Georgia's agricultural history; and today, Black farmers are still struggling to hold onto their land, while farmers of all races that do are too often stuck in devastating cycles of debt to the big poultry processors.

Sadly, the University of Georgia has too long been a driver of these systems of exploitation--dedicated to training farmers, and yet only training

We're taking action until our universities do.

on March 17, 2016

My name is Emily, and I am pledging to take action in the name of a more just and sustainable food system.

GO HERE to join Emily - pledge to take action for real food!

I’m currently a leader in the Ohio State Real Food campaign, but I’m also a new member of the RFC national Steering Committee--and if there’s anything I’ve learned over the past few weeks, it’s that this fight belongs to ALL of us! Here in Ohio, my own university is actively working to silence student voices and separate us from the community around us.

Letter to University Leadership from farmer, fishermen, and farmworker allies

on March 16, 2016

In February, we took unprecedented action calling on universities to commit to a real food economy. We marched. We rallied. We delivered piles of petitions, valentines, vegetables, and biscuits. We asked University Presidents from Washington state to Maine: will you continue to be part of the problem, or choose to be a part of the solution?

Our farmer, fishermen, and farmworker allies share our call for universities to take action for a real food system, in a powerful letter to university leadership:

Dear University Leaders**,

We are farmers, ranchers, fishers, and farmworkers who work

#NoGroundToLose - Real Food Action Report!

on February 25, 2016

In December, we united around a declaration that we have No Ground To Lose in the struggle for a just and sustainable food system. Family farmers can’t wait for it to become more convenient for our institutions to invest in them. Fishers and ranchers can’t wait either - their livelihoods are increasingly threatened by industry consolidation on land & sea. And none of us can wait for healthy, just food to be accessible for everyone.

We united around a call to action - and this month, the wave of action has been building on campuses from coast to coast:

(1) Yesterday, Ohio University students