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"Thinking Beyond the Clown"

on September 19, 2013

Is junk food what we really crave? Anna Lappe has teamed up with Corporate Accountability International and Food MythBusters to tackle this very idea with the next mythbusting video coming out on September 25th. You can be among the first to check out the exclusive premiere with Anna Lappe by signing up here!

From Anna Lappe's Article:

Let’s be real: Big Food and its PR machine are pushing high-fat, high-salt, high-sugar foods and drinks on our kids all the time — the very products at the heart of this generation’s health problems.

And while we parents are charged with ensuring our kids make healthy choices, our work is being made more difficult for us by the advertising might of Big Food. The reality is kids are bombarded at every age with exploitative advertising telling them junk food is cool to eat.

This marketing goes well beyond ads on TV. If only it were as easy as just turning off the TV or tossing it out. Today, junk-food marketing to kids is everywhere—from public schools to sports events to specially branded Web sites like

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