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Reflections on the Wheel

on October 3, 2013

With just eight days until Real Food Rising, we are reflecting a lot on our work, the food justice movement, and the part we play in transforming this society. One of our Southeast Field Organizers, Manasa Kanithi, recently wrote a blog post on the beauty of the Real Food Wheel, and the role it has played in her personal journey.

Do you have stories about the real food wheel? How has it helped you understand the food movement?

Here's a snipet from her blog:

"Real Food is defined by the Real Food Challenge as food which truly nourishes communities, consumers, producers and the earth. The Real Food Wheel isn’t just a static diagram- it is alive, and spinning with Truth. The Real Food Wheel is a dynamic tool which creatively and consciously depicts how the interconnectedness of all of our struggles for peace and justice on Earth can be reflected in our meal. Understanding the Real Food Wheel helps expand our consciousness to understand that eating real food means, eating food which pays farmworkers fair wages, or promotes self-sufficiency just as much as it does eating local or organic foods.

It takes courage to find our purpose. It takes courage to gear our life towards doing what we love and enjoy. The Real Food Wheel, helped me find courage in facing a big ever changing world while maintaining balance. The Real Food Wheel helped me shift from thinking “There are so many things wrong with the world- there are so many things I need to do to fix it” to feeling Love and Inspiration guiding me every step of the way."