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Real Food, Our Future: New crowdfunding campaign to mobilize the Midwest!

on October 27, 2013

Maybe you've seen them in a documentary -- the cornfields that stretch hours in all directions.

But, if don't live here, you might not understand the real story – the quiet collapse of rural communities under the weight of industrial agriculture. You'd notice it in the brown cornhusks of a 3-year drought, the agrochemical-poisoned groundwater, the scores of injured processing plant workers, the depopulating farming communities.

For 5 years, Real Food Challenge leaders have been growing a youth movement in the Midwest to reverse this cycle. We’re harnessing the power of students & universities to build a REAL food future -- but we need your help!
We've launched our first-ever crowdfunding campaign, aiming to raise $10,000 in 30 days. Will you join us in mobilizing the Midwest? Check out the campaign --- and share with your friends! There are sample tweets and Facebook images below.

SAMPLE FACEBOOK IMAGES: Copy + Go to Facebook to post!


SAMPLE TWEETS: Copy + Go to Twitter to tweet!


Dear _____,

Hope this finds you well! [or other personal message]

I just supported Real Food Our Future, an online fundraising campaign that Real Food Challenge has launched to support their work mobilizing students in the Midwest.

[Note about your connection to the campaign / your reason for supporting] As Congress debates the Farm Bill, and corporations continue to gain more & more control over land & seeds, I'm inspired to support grassroots efforts to grow a more community-based, fair, sustainable food system.

I'd love you to join me -- click here to check it out! Real Food Challenge is campaigning to raise $10,000 in 30 days. Every donation means a lot -- and comes with some nice prizes!!

Please consider supporting this campaign, and spreading the word -- there are great email, Facebook, and Twitter templates available on their website for doing so.

Here's to growing a real food future -- together!

Many thanks,