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What's this new campaign about?

on October 23, 2011

(1) Read about the
Real Food Campus Commitment

(2) Learn how you can join the
Get Real! Campaign

(3) Use Food Day to educate your campus about it--dining managers, students, everyone!

On Food Day, October 24th, students on over 200 college campuses nation-wide spoke in one voice, calling--for a more just and sustainable food system. 

Food Day also marked a new phase in this student movement--the launch of our GET REAL! Campaign.
  This new campaign builds on over three years of powerful student action, including successes like these:

  • Western Washington University -- students got support for real food initiatives written into their multi-year, multi-million dollar food service contract.
  • University of California -- students successfully pushed for a system-wide policy that mandates sustainable food purchases at all 10 campuses (including five big medical centers!)
  • Carlton, UNC-Chapel Hill, University of Vermont and more -- use the Real Food Calculator to shed light on exactly what businesses their meal plan dollars are going to, and then push for more local, organic, fair trade options

All told, we've gotten our schools to commit upwards of $34 million to real food We are making a powerful difference--in the health of our fellow students, in our local communities, and for family farmers at home and abroad.

The Get Real! Campaign is an effort to amplify our voices and power by rallying around a new, unified statement: every university president in the country should sign a Real Food Campus Commitment and have their institution become a leader in the real food movement.

The Real Food Campus Commitment--constructed by students and experts in the field--is a formal agreement, signed by university presidents, that lays out a clear set of baseline targets around food procurement, transparency and student leadership (the key issues we've always fought for).  The Commitment also lays out a process and time line for execution, providing a single, uniform model, so you won't have to reinvent the wheel.

The Campus Commitment also maintains that every campus is and should be unique.  Each campus will have to craft their own campus-specific real food policy.  As part of the Commitment process, real food campaigners will also have to pull together key student groups and supportive faculty, staff and administrators into a food systems working group.   Together that group will craft a multi-year action plan that aligns the school's food choices with their unique values, strengths and ambitions. 

1.  Learn more about the Real Food Campus Commitment

2.  Take action: Launch a Get Real! Campaign on your campus

3.  Have fun with Food Day all week!

This is just the beginning of the Get Real! Campaign.  Stay tuned for more.