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Mid-Atlantic Regional Training Report!

on August 29, 2012

The Mid-Atlantic Regional Training took place at the same time as our Northeast one, and was also a great success! We had an amazing time with all the participants, who were engaged in workshops and are pumped to start working for Real Food on their campuses!

Check out what Marissa Gibson-Garcia from Haverford College had to say about what she learned at our training:

"I felt an overwhelming sense of encouragement, and a push of hope, which was the beginning of the growth that I would experience throughout the weekend.

Of particular interest to me, going in to the training, was to learn about the way that the corporate food system works with universities. I was shocked to learn how utterly oppressed farmers are by the whole system, caught in a squeeze between corporate-controlled materials needed to produce food and corporate-controlled buyers needed to sell the food to, making for easy exploitation."

You can read the rest of Marissa's reflection here.