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Food Day Blog Series: What does it look like to become invested in the real food movement?

on September 14, 2011

Jessica Baltmanas is a guest blogger from University of California, San Diego and also a Campus Coordinator for Food Day! Below is the first of a three part blog series leading up to October 24 in which she will walk us through her journey in the real food movement. 


My journey into real food began at the age of 5. While my parents moved from Brooklyn to San Diego by car, my sister and I stayed with our grandparents in Vilnius, Lithuania.

On Persuasion and Vegan Dining Halls in Texas

on September 9, 2011

By Janani Bala, Regional Field Organizer, CA

Last month, the University of North Texas (get ready for it) opened the first all-vegan dining hall in the country.  At the same time, the university opened another dining hall that features Southern comfort food.  According to University of North Texas Dining services manager Ken Botts, in an interview with Inside Higher Ed, the intention of either dining hall was not to make particular political statements, nor create a vegan food vs. fried chicken showdown.

Student Leaders Gear Up as the USDA Bails Out Chicken Industry: a reminder of why we work

on August 31, 2011

By Stephanie Fisher

Throughout August and September, the Real Food Challenge is hosting regional summer trainings for student leaders all across the country.  Student leaders will be participating in intensive, four-day trainings as they prepare for a jam-packed year ahead of them. Come September, they’ll embark on a year filled with campaigning and strategizing on their campuses.

Food Day New Haven: A Holistic Celebration of Food!

on August 29, 2011

Guest Blog Post by:

Susannah Albert-Chandhok,Yale Grassroots Leader & Food Day Campus Coordinator


What would it take to create a food system that promotes global nourishment and environmental sustainability?


This real food change would take national progress and fe
deral modification in modern food policy, but to make a shift in how we eat, we need a grassroots start.
We need a local impetus for a real food change.
The grassroots movement can flourish into abundant action on college campuses, and some of the most successful movements towards a better food system

Forging Forward With Food Day

on August 15, 2011
Guest Blog Post by:
Raychel Santo, Grassroots Leader and Co-founder of Real Food Hopkins
As many other Real Food Challenge chapters across the country, my school's group, Real Food Hopkins, was newly formed last year. Consolidating the efforts of some student gardeners already on campus, as well as the food advocacy interests of many freshman including myself, Real Food Hopkins emerged as a recognized student group by the beginning of November.
However, with harvest season at its end and planting season long off in the spring, our group knew we needed some evens for the interim to get

Need Some Help Brainstorming a Food Day Event? Look No Further!

on July 25, 2011

We've decided to keep the details of Food Day events open to the creativity and needs of each student group and campus. While this means some of our Campus Coordinators are having a hard time narrowing down 6 events to 1, others don't know where to start. If the latter is how you feel, no worries - we've got some ideas for you!


Questions to ask yourself before thinking about planning a Food Day event:

       1. What is the most pressing issue concerning real food on my campus?

       2. What is the most logical, but fun, way to address this?

       3. What is the best way to engage a wide

Top 10 Reasons Why Your Campus Should be Involved in Food Day

on July 11, 2011

Over 50 college campuses so far are participating in Food Day scheduled for October 24. Students across America are already dreaming big about how they will transform campus food and brainstorming ways to get Mark Bittman to cook their entire campus a 5 course meal. Here at the RFC, we are excited to see so much enthusiasm and participation after just a few short weeks, but we can't help but ask: what about the other hundreds of college campuses? There must be tons of students dying to see local food in their dining halls so what's stopping them from signing up?

In case you are part of that

Join the Movement: Bring Food Day 2011 to your campus!

on June 23, 2011

The Real Food Challenge is excited to announce our latest way to celebrate real food and get one step closer to seeing it on your campus!

Along with the Center for Science in the Public Interest we will be organizing the first ever national Food Day on October 24, 2011.
Food Day will also mark the launch of our GET REAL! Campaign and the "Real Food Campus Committment" that will ensure local, sustainable, and ethical food in your dining halls. In order to pull all of this off, we need students like you to sign up your school to participate!
With a little bit of organizing and a lot of

Real Food: Shifting People, Power, & Policy

on April 28, 2011

This past weekend RFC national leaders (Regional Field Organizers, Steering Committee Reps, the A Team, and other members of our movement) converged in Santa Cruz, California for an unprecedented gathering. 

From our very meeting place, which was founded by the student movement at UC Santa Cruz, we explored our past hurdles and advances, current work plans, and what an accelerated and growing RFC movement will need in the coming year.  

Friends, I think we've winnowed out some righteous seed and found many deep ideas and action steps worth planting!

APPLY NOW for the 2011-2012 Real Food Challenge team!

on March 27, 2011

We are now accepting applications for the Real Food Challenge 2011-2012 team!

APPLY NOW to be a Regional Field Organizer or a member of the NEW Grassroots Leaders Project.

The Real Food Challenge is a youth-driven initiative.  College and high school students and other youth activists run the whole show from the grassroots organizing to the national coordination. We are looking for inspired, motivated, and imaginative individuals to join the effort and help us shape the future of this young movement.