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Our Programs

Road Trips

The RFC training experience comes to YOU as regional organizers hit the road and visit schools throughout their regions.




Strategy Retreats

RFC holds several regional strategy retreats throughout the year, where campus real food leaders converge for a powerful weekend of strategizing and community-building, workshops, cooking, skill-shares and storytelling. These retreats are geared for students who want to take on (or are in the midst of) real food campaign on their campus--and are ready to dive into RFC's regional and national efforts. 



Real Food Summits

RFC holds annual real food summits, which are larger than the leadership trainings and bring together a wide variety of real food leaders: from youth activists to union leaders to farmers and producers.



Days of Action

Each year, RFC participates in national and international days of action with partner organization's, such as Food Day and's 10/10/10.






The Real Food Awards shine a spotlight on the people who represent the best of college food. These awards are about rethinking what's good. "Good" isn't only about taste--it's also about doing good in our communities.