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Real Food Awards Competition Details

Celebrating Leadership in the On-Campus Food Movement 

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College food gets a bad rap. But these days, there's also a lot to celebrate. 

The Real Food Awards shine a spotlight on the people who represent the changing landscape of our food system.

Dolores Huerta tells us to "honor the hands that harvest your crops." It's also important to honor the hands that prepare our food, those who hear our calls for change, and those that propel our movement towards a real food economy.  These awards are a way to thank those who take care of us every day, and make our movement what has become.


There are 6 categories of awards. Nominations were accepted from the public.

The Real Food Challenge Steering Committee selected 3 finalists per category.

Voting occurred from April 9th through April 17th. 

Winners will be chosen based on number of votes and approval from the Real Food Challenge Steering Committee.

Click here to meet this year's winners!


2013 Finalists || 2013 Winners

Award Categories

Student Group or Activist of the Year

Awarded to an individual or student group for demonstrating dedication to transforming their campus food system through a bold campaign for the Real Food Campus Commitment at their institution.



Worker Leader Award

Awarded to a campus dining worker who has demonstrated excellence in the campus food service -- ranging from outstanding job performance, to excellent community-building in the kitchen or cafeteria, to speaking out for fair working conditions. 

Producer Award

Awarded to a farmer or food producer demonstrating exceptional commitment to their community, consumers, and the earth, through campus and community relationships and selling high-quality real food to institutions.




 Food Service Manager or Admin Award

Awarded to a campus Food Service Manager or Administrator who demonstrates exemplary support of real food in the cafeteria and dedication to student leadership and participation in the campus food system.



University Ally Award

Awarded to an on-campus administrator, staff, or faculty member who demonstrates exceptional commitment to student leadership and a Real Food Campus Commitment campaign at his/her institution. 


Campaign Ally Award

Awarded to an off-campus individual or organization that has demonstrated extraordinary support of a Real Food Campus Commitment campaign, locally or nationally, through mentorship of student leaders, participation, and promotion of campaign activities. 


All Real Food Award winners will receive: 
  • A certificate noting your accomplishment
  • Highlights on the RFC website and publicity spotlighting your work!
Winners of the student group or activist, producer, and worker leader awards will also receive a small grant!
To learn more, check out 2011's finalists and winners.

Voting Rules

Read through the 2013 Real Food Awards Finalist bios and learn about all the wonderful finalists!
+ Anyone may vote for a single finalist in any of the six award categories. 
+ Although all categories appear on the voting poll, you do not have to select a finalist in every category to cast your vote!

Voting for the 2013 Awards closed at 11:59 PM PST on April 17th.

Click HERE to meet the winners!