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Days of Action

Periodically RFC hosts national days of action! These days help to unite our student leaders across the country, solidify our message to the public, and build pressure for our campaigns. Read on for highlights from our past days of action!

+ Food Day 2013

350 International Day of Action

Real Food Now! Month of Action

300 campuses took part in
the 2nd annual Food Day!
October, 24, 2013

Congratulations on making food movement history. 

300 campuses of students took part in this national day of action,
standing together to protesting the oppression and degradation of our food system today,
and advocating for the real food system that we know our future depends on.

For more details, see our Food Day 2013 Highlights blog post


FOOD DAY: OCTOBER 24th, 2011

What: October 24th, 2011 marked the first ever national FOOD DAY and over 38,000 students at 225 campuses celebrated with community leaders and food activists all over the country. Food Day brought national attention to issues of obesity, sustainable farming, workers rights, and global access to food. This national day united food justice activists on campuses from Alaska to Florida and helped push forward student led campaigns for more real food in dining halls. Food Day also marked the beginning of the GET REAL! Campaign that RFC launched to shift $1 bilion dollars towards real food by 2020. 


Where: Actions took place on over 225 campuses, in 47 states and 5 countries! Download this pdf for highlights from specific schools. 

Who: Thousands of RFC activists in collaboration with their community and government leaders. 


University of Alaska, Fairbanks
In Fairbanks, Alaska, Food Day was recognized with an official proclamation signed by Mayor Luke Hopkins that recognizes the major principles of Food Day, such as access to real food and farm worker rights. The UAF School of Natural Resources and Agricultural Sciences, Cooperative Extension Service and the UAF Anthropology Society hosted events throughout the day for students, staff and faculty members. They hosted an “Iron Chef” cook-off dubbed “Surf and Turf” between the dean of the agriculture school and the dean of the fisheries school. The dean of the fisheries school was victorious with his spotted shrimp dish, however it was a close competition with a reindeer steak cooked by the dean of the ag school. They also hosted a Food Jeopardy game and set up a Taste of Alaska booth as part of a series of food demonstrations and exhibits. The Alaskan cuisine featured grass fed beef, cold smoked salmon, lettuce, tomatoes, rutabagas, onions, carrots, potatoes, cabbage. The Dining Services prepared the food beautifully in kabobs, soups, stews, roasted vegetables. The students in the Anthropology Society showed the films, “Seeds of Deception” and “Fresh,” and hosted lectures on sustainability, fermenting food and ethnobotany. It was a great beginning and they hope to continue their efforts on campus to ensure real food for students and staff.
University of Georgia, Athens
Real Food UGA collaborated with UGArden to present a joint fundraiser dinner, "A Night at the Garden" for 90 guests. The dinner, whose proceeds will go to support real food initiatives, featured food donations from numerous local restaurants that source responsibly produced food. The event also showcased local musical guests Rebecca Jones and Grinnin Bear. Later in the week they screened the Greenhorns documentary that explores the lives of America’s young farming community. One of the farm-to-table bakeries featured in the flim, and located in Athens, donated baked goods (such as pig shaped shortbread cookies!) for the event. They also hosted panel discussion with UGA professors from the College of Public Health and the College of Agriculture and Environmental Sciences. 
University of Maryland, College Park
Real Food activists at the University of Maryland kicked off Food Day with a display of giant paper-mache vegetables on McKeldin Mall, as well as a photo petition asking administrators for more real food options in the dining halls. Later that night, students and community members gathered on the South Campus Rooftop Garden to share in a meal, teach-in, and a concert. The Real Food UMD group had a lot of success starting campus gardens last year, and they're gearing up to start asking the administration to sign onto the Commitment, as well as starting an internship program for people who want to work on the Real Food Calculator.
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What: On October 24, 2009, students and activists around the country took part in's International Day of Climate Action, the largest day of international political action ever. They rallied their peers to come together and send a message to policymakers that we need aggressive climate policy now. People from 181 countries took photos of their events, which were delivered to decision-makers at the 2009 UN Climate Change Conference in December. RFC student activists were among those who took action on this historic day. Recap!
Where: Louisville, KY; the Virginia Peninsula; Greenbay, WI; Chicago, IL; Ashland, OR; Livingston, MT; Cupertino, CA; Northridge, CA; New York City; and many more.
Who: Hundreds of RFC activists from across the country.
Students at California State University, Northridge harvested oranges from trees on campus. They donated the oranges to a local food pantry, discussed the link between climate change and agriculture, and submitted photos to's photo petition.

Students at California State University, Northridge with their oranges.
Students from the University of Montana and Montana State University converged in Livingston, MT, for an annual meeting of the Alternative Energy Resource Organization (AERO). Students at the convergence focused on renewable energy and sustainable agriculture and participated in the photo petition,

Students from the University of Montana and Montana State University.
Students at the City College of New York held a public rally to increase awareness about the relationship between climate change and agriculture. They also participated in's photo petition, posing with flags from countries in the global south to show solidarity for policy that calls on the global north to change its current practices.

Students from the City College of New York.

Hundreds of students participated in the historic LAUNCH of the Real Food Challenge by kicking off campaigns at colleges and universities across the country. The month of action highlighted the strength and diversity of the growing student food movement, showcasing the inspiring work that's already happening on campuses and in surrounding communities.
When: September 21 to October 21, 2008
Where: Berea, KY; Missoula, MT; Ames, IA; Miami, FL; and many more.
At Berea College in Kentucky, students held an “eat-in” for real food to raise awareness about the benefits of and need for local and fair trade products in their campus dining halls. Serving salsa prepared from fresh ingredients from the Berea Farmers' Market, the students advertised the location of the market and encouraged people to sign a petition to promote more local and fair trade products.

Berea College students at their “eat-in.”
In Miami, FL, Miami Dade College students joined with teachers from the Miami Dade County Public School District to plant a school garden at the local junior high school and share ideas about how to educate their students about healthy eating and sustainable food production.

Miami Dade College students plant a garden with local school teachers.
At the University of Montana in Missoula, MT, students and staff gathered together to enjoy a real food feast. Students for Real Food hosted the meal to pay respect and give thanks to the University Dining Service employees for their commitment to real food.

The Real Food Feast at the University of Montana.

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