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Campus Visits and Workshops

Real Food Challenge organizers are hitting the road for real food all over the country, offering workshops, trainings, and in-person support on dozens and dozens of campuses. A campus visit can boost existing real food campaigns or get new ones started! Wherever you are, we can come to you!


Email your regional organizer to set-up a visit to your campus!


We consider the campus visit coordinating & organizing process as important as the visit itself, as it entails vital event-planning, turn-out, promotion, and fundraising skills. We work intensely with student leaders to successfully coordinate every step of the process to ensure an effective, successful, exciting visit!

See Campus Visit Planning Guides below.


Real Food Challenge Get Real! workshop
+ up to 4 hours of training workshops over 1-2 days
+ one-on-one meetings with student leaders, allies, and administrators
+  class visits, meetings, presentations


Real Food Challenge Get Real! workshop
+ 6-10 hours of training workshops over 2-3 days
+ one-on-one meetings with student leaders, allies, and administrators
+  class visits, meetings, presentations

Sliding Scale $400 - $600 Sliding Scale $1200-$2000

The cost of a Campus Visit or Intensive directly covers the cost of travel and expenses for the facilitators, development of our robust curriculum, and funds to keep accessible our regional trainings, national summits, and one-on-one support for real food campaigns and implementation of real food policies.


Use these resources to support your campus visit planning process -- but above all, be in touch with your RFO to support you throughout the process!


Our core workshop & training options are below. We work closely with student leaders to tailor programming to your campus & campaign.

The Real Food Challenge: Students Uniting for a Just & Sustainable Food System

A dynamic introduction to the challenges and complexities of the industrial food system as they play out in campus Dining Services, and an introduction to the Real Food Challenge, which is uniting students nationwide in organizing for a more just & sustainable food system through campaigns for the Real Food Campus Commitment. ----- 1.5 hours  Ideal for a general audience, all-campus presentation/workshop.

Intro to Organizing & Strategic Campaign Planning

Straightforward, hands-on, nuts-and-bolts action-planning for any campaign that you want to implement and WIN on your campus. The tools you need to make the change your group is striving for. Includes Community Organizing 101, goal-setting, power-mapping, the spectrum of allies, timelines, targets, and tactics. ----2 hours   Ideal for core leaders and group members wanting to dig deep into organizing skills and develop a solid campaign plan.

What is Real Food? The Real Food Calculator

What is real food? How do we assess it in our cafeterias? Dig into the complexities of labels, certifications, and standards for real food. Learn about students’ development of the Real Food Calculator tool & how to use it on your campus, to assess your cafeteria’s percentage of real food in terms of local/community-based, fair, humane, and ecologically sound standards. ---- 1 hour  Ideal for group leaders, members, and allies who want to grapple with the question, What is Real Food? and learn how to use the Real Food Calculator at your school

Food System Working Groups: Building the Real Food System on Campus

The Real Food Campus Commitment pledges a campus’ intent to commit to at least 20% real food by 2020, with a specific campus policy set by a Real Food Working Group comprised of students, faculty, staff, and other relevant community stakeholders such as dining workers, farmers, and community organization leaders. Plan how to organize a dynamic, inclusive Working Group on your campus, learning from other campus’ in the Real Food Challenge network and planning for your campus’ specific structures and needs. ---- 1.5 hours Ideal for current or future Working Group members: student leaders, Dining staff, faculty, staff, community members

Growing a Great Group: Skills and Tools for Powerful Group Leadership, Dynamics, and Facilitation

The strength of relationships, dynamics, and leadership within a group are as important as campaigns. Explore effective tools for recruitment and retention of new members in your group, how to facilitate strong, effective meetings, and structures for group leadership. Build up a great group, and never have a bad meeting again! --- 2 hours  Ideal for student group leaders and members interested in having amazing groups and inspiring meetings

Storytelling for Organizing

Why do you care about real food? Why do you want to make a difference? How do you share your interest & passion with others? Explore storytelling as a foundational experience and tool for relationship-building in community organizing. Learn models for storytelling, and develop and practice some of your own stories. ---- 1.5 hours Ideal for anyone interested in exploring their own motivation for organizing and how their stories can be tools for building power & community

One-on-One Meetings for Relational Organizing

Do you know what all of the people in your group care about? Why they come to meetings? Community organizing begins and ends with people -- so you gotta know ‘em! Learn the best tool there is for recruiting and retaining new members to your student group, and building deeper relationships amongst existing members.  ---- 1.5 hours Ideal for anyone who wants to make a difference in the world. One-on-one meetings are a core, essential organizing tool for anyone, anywhere.

Food Justice: Privilege & Oppression in the Food System

Reflect on our own identities and experiences of privilege and oppression, and ways of understanding these experiences. Dig into how oppression operates in the food system and how our student groups and campaigns can work to address and dismantle systems of racism, sexism, heterosexism, xenophobia, ageism, etc.  ---- 1.5 hours Ideal for student groups who want to critically and compassionately engage their own identities and experiences to challenge and dismantle systems of oppression in their groups and campaigns.

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