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2016 National Summit

Every other year, RFC holds national real food summits, which bring together a wide variety of real food leaders: from youth activists to union leaders to farmers and producers. This is the announcement for our 2016 National Summit!

Real Food Generation

Sep 23-26, University of Georgia in Athens, GA!!

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This Spring began with a call to action. UMass student leader Anna Hankins wrote a heartfelt blog post about why she committed herself to non-violent direct action in her last semester. She emphasized that we have no ground to lose! This was a semester in which we saw Real Food OSU occupy the president’s office and get threatened with both arrest and expulsion for fighting for justice on their campus. #Reclaim OSU. That same week students at Duke protested for workers' rights at an administrative building for five days! #enddukeplantation Student power is growing and some of the most creative and inspiring coalitions in the history of Real Food Challenge are rising up!


But we can't stop here. If we are going to transform the food system, we need more solidarity, more power and more strategy. So let's build it! Join us at Real Food Generation this fall—and grow the strength of this movement.


Whether you're a Real Food Challenge veteran, or just getting started–check out Real Food Generation. Register a delegation before September 10th for the discounted Early Bird Rate of $40. If you're worried about funding please talk to your organizer. Partial travel scholarships are available.


See you there,

The Real Food Challenge summit planning team



What can you expect from a Real Food Summit?
•   Speeches from movement leaders
•   Skill-based workshops on topics ranging from coalition building to campaign planning
•   Group Reflection on identity, privilege, oppression and organizing
•   Panel discussions on issues such as the dynamics of the industrial food system
     and the potential of urban agriculture
•   Field trips to local farms and real food organizations
•   Entertainment in the form of live music and poetry performances from inspiring artists
•   Networking with ally organizations and other student activists in the movement
•   Participation in campaign actions such as letter writing and protests
•   Campaign Strategizing with other schools who share similar characteristics


Summits are a chance for students to develop their understanding of food system dynamics and connect with the larger movement, regardless of their past experience. Participants leave summits energized to deepen their commitment to making real food a reality in their communities. 


Past Highlights:

Our first National Summit, Breaking Ground 2012: Students Uniting for a Real Food Economy, was held at the University of California Santa Cruz (UCSC) in Santa Cruz, CA and brought together 150 student leaders from across the country. Click here to see the Facebook album.

Our last National Summit, Breaking Ground 2013, was held in February 15-18, 2013 in Baltimore, MD at Johns Hopkins University. It included a protest outside Wendy’s in support of the Coalition of Immokalee worker’s 1 cent campaign. Click here to see highlights from Breaking Ground 2013.

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