Attention California: Food Movement Leaders Seek Members for Statewide Collaborative

Clement Tsang, July 9, 2018
The California State University system is once again at the forefront of progressive food system advocacy as it begins recruitment for a new statewide collaborative. The CSU Food Systems Working Group is a multi-stakeholder group tasked with paving the way for nourishing, sustainable food across campuses.From a legacy of leadership: Over the past few years, students in the CSU system have passed policies that push the envelope of university leadership ...
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Big Food is Built On Racism

Amanda Jacir, October 17, 2017
Just yesterday, Real Food Challenge students across the country marked Food Day by taking action for racial justice.University of Georgia students explained: “While all our lives are harmed by #BigFood, we know that the hardest hit are people of color communities and workers here and abroad, who continue to suffer under the plantation model of agriculture and the ever-consolidating corporations that continue to profit from the exploitation of land and ...
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"They've colonized us with our own product"

Estefanía Narváez, October 17, 2017
I grew up with abundance all around me. Every fruit, vegetable, or legume I could ever want. Ecuador is known as a country of oil, cocoa, bananas, and coffee -- products over which land and labor have been exploited. Some call this ‘la maldicion de la abundancia’ or “the curse of abundance.”Every time I go back home to Ecuador, my mom gets me this ground coffee from the province my ...
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"I believe in the beauty and resilience of my ancestral foodways"

Tlaloc Vasquez, October 9, 2017
Growing up Mexican-American, I had to wrestle with competing legacies from an early age. I am the product of indigenous Americans and Spanish colonists, all while being raised in the modern US culture. Foodways are some of the best connection I have to my indigenous roots. Many of the flavors that remind me of home are gifts from my ancestors like corn, beans, salsas, tamales, atole, and so much else. ...
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"Consolidation devalues my people, my culture, my body"

Katie LeBlanc, October 8, 2017
Back home in Kentucky, consolidation felt like the total annihilation of the resources around us.The forests were clear cut to put up chicken houses for Big Food companies. Our water quality was destroyed by fertilizer from Big Tobacco. Now, we have lost the ability to fish or even swim in the Ohio River because of pollutant-dumping CAFOs, large-scale monocropping, and the paper, oil and gas industries upstream. It is now ...
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Reflections on Taking Action from Anim Steel

Anim Steel, September 8, 2017
I’m out of jail, grateful for the support and actions so many took yesterday, and in ever deeper awe of the young leaders who marched without documents AND without fear.This was the first time I took a higher risk action. I’m writing about my experience to support others in thinking through the decision of whether or not to risk arrest during a crisis.WHAT HAPPENED AT TRUMP TOWERAfter 9 young DACA ...
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A Note on Transition from RFC Co-Founder David Schwartz

July 10, 2017
Friends,I've got some big news: at the end of this summer, I’ll be leaving my staff role at Real Food Challenge. It’s been ten incredible years — helping develop, design, launch and lead Real Food Challenge. I’ve learned so much about food injustice, organizing and myself. And I’ve learned so much from this inspiring community of staff and young leaders, as well as from our powerful partners.It is very bittersweet ...
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