Students Join the Fight for ‘Milk with Dignity’ -- Advocating for Human Rights in the Food System

December 10, 2015
I met an incredible four year old on a small Vermont dairy farm this summer. She was babbling to herself; smiling without knowing it. When her parents introduced her to me, she held her doll to her chest and looked down at her toes for a moment. In a moment, she was out the kitchen door, smiling her way across a lush green field behind the barn.Stepping outside, we surveyed ...
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Open Letter: Students against Fast Track and the TPP

May 27, 2015
In response to the threat of the Trans-Pacific Partnership for a real food system, RFC has written an open letter to Congress, calling on them to oppose this harmful trade deal and the undemocratic "Fast Track" process for moving it through Congress.Dear Members of Congress,On behalf of the rising generation of voters and thousands of students advocating for real food on campuses across the country, we urge you to stand ...
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From Summer to Fall -- Young People Take a Stand

September 11, 2014
This has been a hard summer.Bombs flying and houses crumbling in Ukraine, Gaza, Iraq and Syria. Our own streets militarized in Ferguson. The continued drought in California. But this summer we've also seen inspired young leaders confronting police brutality, war and climate change. For those of us concerned with the food system, the connections are evident:...the racism of Ferguson reflected in the poverty wages of our food and farm workers....the ...
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Will the 'bluegrass state's' small farms rise in coal's wake?

April 9, 2014
Written By Real Food Challenge Campaign Director David SchwartzKentucky has long been known for its bourbon, horse racing, college basketball, fried chicken, coal and tobacco. Now, a thriving local food system!? That's the goal, if a team of local college students has its way.This winter at the University of Louisville, students began combing through reams of invoices from U of L's $2.7 million food budget to assess exactly how much ...
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Real Food for CSU Campaign Heats up at Long Beach Trustee Meeting

April 2, 2014
This blog post was written by Natalie Tran, UC Santa Cruz, '15.The California State University system may be the largest state school system in the world with 23 campuses and over 400,000 students. And right now, we students in California sit at an incredible turning pointThis past week, we students from Humboldt State, San Francisco State, CSU Long Beach, CSU Pomona, CSU Northridge, and UC Santa Cruz met in Long ...
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Fort Lewis in Durango, CO Commits to Real Food!

February 27, 2014
Summer in Colorado has come to mean something new for its residents. Now, afternoon showers and breezy sunshine are foreboding indicators of the new normal: record-breaking wildfires, floods and droughts along the Front Range and Western Slope. Colorado isn’t alone — the physical impacts of global warming have been unquestionable for many populations in the western half of the United States, including New Mexico, Arizona, Utah, Nevada, California and Wyoming ...
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For Our Future: Students Reflect on Real Food Rising

October 29, 2013
Don't take our word for it -- here are three students' reflections on their experience from Real Food Rising, Real Food Challenge's third national summit:Addison Del Mastro from Drew University (Madison, NJ)I am writing this partly for a wide audience, to bring our message to more people who may not be in the food movement. I am writing partly for the people who are in the food movement, as a ...
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Northeastern Commits to 20% by 2020!

October 19, 2013
After word broke loose in July that Northeastern verbally commited to source 20% real food by 2020, President Auon signed the Real Food Commitment on Thursday, October 17, as one of Northeastern's Food Day events."We're so excited about Northeastern signing onto the commitment because it's setting a precedent for other schools in Boston as well as large urban universities across the country," Catherine Aust, a student organizer involved with the ...
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