Oberlin College Signs Real Food Campus Commitment!

March 26, 2013
This blog post comes from an article by Liv Combe, a student at Oberlin College & Conservatory in Oberlin, OH, published on the school's online news site The Source. On Wednesday, March 13, President Marvin Krislov and Dean of Students Eric Estes signed the Real Food Campus Commitment, thus pledging to adopt a comprehensive real food policy and multiyear action plan to achieve the goal of buying 40 percent real ...
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Empty Calories: What’s Missing from the Debate Over NYC’s Soda “Ban”

Anim Steel, March 18, 2013
This post is by Anim Steel, the Executive Director of Real Food Challenge.Last week, a New York state judge struck down the Bloomberg administration’s attempt to limit the sizes of certain sugary drinks sold in the city.As the co-founder of one real food campaign, I’ve been following the coverage and public commentary with great interest, and I’m struck by what I hear. Or don’t hear, rather. First of all, I ...
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$48 million and rising: student campaigns transform cafeteria food service

March 4, 2013
This post is from David Schwartz, Campaign Director for Real Food Challenge. Arizona State. Bunker Hill Community College. Ole Miss. UPenn. Gonzaga.No, this is not an odd new athletic conference. But, following a recent 200+ student summit in Baltimore, teams on each of these campuses are competing -- for the most ambitious campus food policy in the nation. As part of the national Real Food Challenge, student campaigners are urging ...
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BG2013: Meeting Food Justice in Baltimore

February 21, 2013
This post is from Hannah Wolfe, Communications Intern for Real Food Challenge. Over President’s Day weekend, 230+ students from 73 colleges and universities gathered in Baltimore, MD for Breaking Ground 2013, our second national summit! Converging on the campus of Johns Hopkins University, students and organizers from across the country shared stories and campaign strategy, attended and facilitated workshops, and realized the collective power of our network and movement - ...
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Solidaridad: Wendy's Week of Action

February 14, 2013
Last week was a big week for farmworker justice and student power to unite! Real Food Challenge folks helped organize and participate in three different actions across the Northeast in solidarity with the Coalition of Imokalee Workers week of actions at Wendy's fast food locations nationwide.Farmworker justice, an important piece of our campaigns around real food, has been increasing in awareness among student movements over the past few years as ...
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A Who's Who of Breaking Ground

February 9, 2013
This post is from Hannah Wolfe, Communications Intern for Real Food Challenge. Over President's Day weekend, students from nearly 90 colleges and universities will converge in Baltimore, MD for Breaking Ground 2013, Real Food Challenge's second national summit.Students are traveling from as far as Arizona, Washington, and even Alaska (seriously!) to join us, so we thought we'd give everyone a preview of the stellar real food work these students are ...
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Food Day 2012 Campus Highlights

December 6, 2012
This post is from Hannah Wolfe, National Food Day Coordinator for Real Food Challenge. October 24, 2012 marked the second annual Food Day, but looking at the numbers you'd never guess this national day of action is only two years old! At the moment, we know of 290 campuses that participated, hosting close to 900 events, and engaging approximately 99,814 students, faculty, dining staff, and other campus community members. (And ...
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"Labeling it Ourselves": With Real Food Calculator, students take Prop 37 into their own hands

November 9, 2012
This blog post is from Hannah Wolfe and Katie Blanchard. Hannah is the National Food Day Coordinator, and Katie is the Midwest Regional Coordinator for Real Food Challenge.As the defeat of Prop 37 is mourned in California and throughout the food movement, students are actually enacting it, continuing the hard work for food chain transparency that they started well before the Prop 37 battle entered the mainstream.For 4 years, from ...
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