My Visit to Peace Valley Farm

March 5, 2012
By Celeste Berg, Williams College“I used to not care, but now every living, breathing moment centers around the relationship we’ve built with Williams,” says Bill Stinson of nearby Peace Valley Farm. Although I’ve volunteered at Peace Valley a couple of fall mornings with my cross country team, motivation struck to pay the place an educational visit, and thus I found myself winding along muddy Treadwell Hollow Road to the picturesque ...
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Food Day Celebrations Continued Throughout the Week: More Highlights!

October 31, 2011
A week ago, on October 24th, the nation celebrated Food Day and we saw over 225 campuses unite and spread the message about the importance of "real" food. This kicked off numerous events and even prompted entire Food Weeks to be celebrated on various campuses. Here are more highlights from events that lasted throughout last week.University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill Along with a Food Day film festival, UNC hosted ...
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We Did It! Over 225 College Events Nationwide for FOOD Day 2011!

October 19, 2011
Yesterday, over 225 campuses in 46 states and 4 countries united to celebrate the first ever FOOD Day and to fight for real food on their campuses! After months of dedication, passion, excitement and hard work, events across the nation highlighted the increasing need for a transformed food system in America, starting on college campuses. For its first year, this was an overwhelmingly great response and it truly reflects the ...
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Arrest Does Not Stop Food and Freedom Ride

Anim Steel, September 23, 2011
When we took the Freedom Rides as inspiration, we didn’t actually expect to have a run-in with Mississippi police. Our journey, the Food and Freedom Ride, was about honoring the anniversary of a heroic journey while also drawing attention to one of the biggest issues facing our generation: the dearth of real food in our communities and the resulting health, environmental, and economic crises.On Friday, August 5th, two days before ...
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Food Day Blog Series: The Ins and Outs of Planning a Food Week at UCSD

September 23, 2011
Jessica Baltmanas is a guest blogger from University of California, San Diego and also a Campus Coordinator for Food Day! Below is the second post in a three part blog series leading up to October 24 in which she will walk us through her journey in the real food movement. Take a look at her first post here.Hi everyone! I hope planning your campus events has been progressing well and ...
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Food Day Blog Series: Looking Deeper into the Importance of Food Day

September 21, 2011
Taylor Owen is a guest blogger from Carleton College in Northfield Minnesota and he is also a Campus Coordinator for Food Day. Below is the first post in a blog series leading up to October 24 in which he will be reflecting on his work and the importance of the food movement.When I first heard about Food Day, my interest was instantly intrigued. As I imagine most people involved in ...
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On Persuasion and Vegan Dining Halls in Texas

September 9, 2011
By Janani Bala, Regional Field Organizer, CALast month, the University of North Texas (get ready for it) opened the first all-vegan dining hall in the country. At the same time, the university opened another dining hall that features Southern comfort food. According to University of North Texas Dining services manager Ken Botts, in an interview with Inside Higher Ed, the intention of either dining hall was not to make particular ...
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