Big Food is Built On Racism

Amanda Jacir, October 17, 2017
Teaser Image: Food Day 2017

Just yesterday, Real Food Challenge students across the country marked Food Day by taking action for racial justice.

University of Georgia students explained: 

“While all our lives are harmed by #BigFood, we know that the hardest hit are people of color communities and workers here and abroad, who continue to suffer under the plantation model of agriculture and the ever-consolidating corporations that continue to profit from the exploitation of land and people. We can’t have racial justice as long as #BigFood profits from racism.”

Groups at seven universities -- Towson, George Mason, University of Washington, Western Washington, Wesleyan, University of Georgia, and San Francisco State -- selected a highly-trafficked area on campus and dropped a banner asserting “our food system is built on racism.” This action prompted conversations with other students about understanding the racism embedded into our food system, and how we can organize for real change.

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