This is an important moment. Let's get together.

November 14, 2016

Last week, we woke up with a new President. Ever since we’ve been discussing, feeling, thinking all over the map. But one thing has held us constant: we know that today our work is more important than ever. 

This election revealed twin truths that may not come as a surprise to many of us:

  • Corruption and corporate consolidation have hollowed out economic opportunities and livelihoods for too many.  Unfair trade deals, Big Food mergers and a USDA that answers to Big Ag have left too many ranchers, farmers and fishermen -- and their communities -- feeling powerless and unsupported.
  • The legacy and present reality of white supremacy continue to shape the fate and possibility for too many communities. The abuse and deportation of latinx migrant farmworkers we all rely on for our food, the presence of polluting concentrated animalfeeding operations in the backyards of communities of color, and the construction of pipelines on indigenous lands are just its latest manifestation.

What we at Real Food Challenge are fighting for is a seismic shift in the food system. Our fundamental truth hasn’t changed: we all need food that TRULY nourishes - our bodies, our communities, our planet, and our humanity. We need work with dignity and access land for our livelihoods. So, we will continue to build a movement based on respect, compassion, honesty, deep relationships, and hope for the future.

Students have often been at the forefront of movements for social change. And the issue we are using to transform our society--food--connects us deeply to our communities, our traditions, our faiths, our families and to the earth. It can ground us. It can form a bridge. It forces us to challenge our rigged economic system AND resist white supremacy and mysogyny in its many forms. We will continue our work - and to work with others who are friends, allies, and partner in the struggle to create a more just society.

Please join us on Monday night at 8pm EST -- as we hear from some wise allies and talk about how to move our campaigns forward as a youth movement in this new moment.Register, and you’ll hear from:

  • Mike Callicrate -- a western rancher and long-time advocate against corporate control of our food system
  • Marita Canedo -- a Latinx farmworker organizer and pioneer of the Milk with Dignity human rights program
  • Christina Hylton --  Southern African-American farmer and farmer legal advocate (invited)
  • Estefania Narvaez -- Real Food Challenge West Coast Coordinator

This is an important moment in our movement. Let's not go it alone.