Northeastern Commits to 20% by 2020!

October 19, 2013
Teaser Image: Northeastern Commits to 20% by 2020!

After word broke loose in July that Northeastern verbally commited to source 20% real food by 2020, President Auon signed the Real Food Commitment on Thursday, October 17, as one of Northeastern's Food Day events.

"We're so excited about Northeastern signing onto the commitment because it's setting a precedent for other schools in Boston as well as large urban universities across the country," Catherine Aust, a student organizer involved with the campaign at NEU notes. "Our campaign showed us the power we collectively have as students to transform the food system through demanding ethical, sustainable, transparent food sourcing practices from our universities."

Northeastern marks the 19th school to sign the commitment! You can read more about their campaign here.