Radishes and Rubbish!

October 14, 2008

Radishes and Rubbish is the magnificent (if rather lopsided) combination of the complementary interests of Ms. Carla Fernandez and Ms. Annie Myers.  The two seniors at NYU’s Gallatin School seek to expose their fellow students to the processes of production and disposal inherent in the their daily routines.  The project, a series of field trips throughout the fall semester, is the melding of the girls’ two proposals, which together received a Green Grant from NYU’s Sustainability Task Force.  Through daylong field trips on various Fridays and Saturdays, Myers will introduce students to small-scale food production and processing sites within New York City’s five boroughs, and Fernandez will show students some of the city’s largest waste management facilities. 

Myers will engage students with an uprooted system that is now regaining strength, of foods that never know a bar code or a cardboard box, and that are eaten so fresh they barely touch the shelf of a cabinet or fridge; foods grown, made, or processed locally, by local people, who are faithfully devoted to steady production for their community.  She will introduce students to urban farmers in Red Hook and East New York, makers of ricotta in Brooklyn, and the father and son who own an Halal slaughterhouse in Queens.  She hopes to give students a taste for the reasons these individual people consider it important to make food themselves, and to supply their customers’ kitchens with high quality, reliable, fresh ingredients.

Fernandez will expose students to the garbage, recycling, and composting systems upon which our urban population relies.  She will demonstrate the journey our ‘stuff’ is on, and the impact that it makes, after it’s initial curbside disposal.  Breaking away from the anonymity of where our garbage goes, Carla will invite students to follow the green truck out of Manhattan, to come face to face with the scale of waste produced by our community, and to meet the trash heroes that make these systems run on a dime.  She will take students to a trash transfer station, a recycling hub, and a farm upstate that runs our composting program.

Each Radishes and Rubbish trip is open to the first 13 individuals to RSVP.  Transportation is provided, as as well as a picnic lunch, made with fresh ingredients from a farmers market or a locally owned shop or business.  Look into the website, Radishes and Rubbish, for more information.  All students (and the occasional non-students) are welcome!

For more information, see http://radishesandrubbish.wordpress.com/ or contact radishesandrubbish@gmail.com.