Real Food Challenge Co-Founders Awarded Echoing Green Fellowship

June 22, 2010

The word is out.  Real Food Challenge co-founders David Schwartz and Anim Steel have been awarded a the highly competitive Echoing Green Fellowship--a seed fund for emerging social entrepreneurs.

This award is yet another testament to the growth of our movement and a wholesale endorsement of the RFC's innovative strategy--training the next generation of real food leaders while creating a major market shift in university food spending, $1 billion in 10 years.

With a background in economic development, Anim saw food and agriculture as a way to make a difference in both the US and Ghana, where he was born. David grew up in inner-city Boston where he witnessed great disparities in rates of diabetes, obesity, and access to healthy food. The pair met at The Food Project (also 1992 Echoing Green funded organization), a nationally recognized program that empowers youth through sustainable agriculture. Together with Tim Galarneau, Amie Frish, Rowan Dunlap, they brought together the team that created the Real Food Challenge.

Only with the incredible leadership of hundreds of student leaders across the country, and the generous support of our funding partners is this vision becoming a reality.  Together we are changing the food industry and building a truly healthy, fair and green food future.