RFC Ends the Summer with Northeast Training

September 10, 2009

Students got a first-hand look into working with dining services through a presentation from Anne Cody from Massachusetts Farm-to-School.  Anne walked the group through an ideal farm-to-school relationship, suggesting ways to make local sourcing economically sustainable and lucrative for both farmers and dining services.  Students came away from the workshop with a checklist of tips and terms to use to engage dining services at their schools.

During downtime between workshops, the group played games, shared poetry and songs, and discussed ways to bring back what they learned to their campuses or workplaces.  At night, the crew shared some traditional fireside activities, including roasting marshmallows and making s'mores, playing games, and recounting stories.  Another favorite activity was an afternoon spent harvesting potatoes on The Food Project's farm.  The crew also took several trips to nearby Walden Pond to cool off after long days of discussing, reflecting on, and harvesting real food.   

The crew hit the road on Sunday afternoon armed with resources and allies to continue their struggle for a real food system that nourishes at every step--from seed to fork and beyond.