Solidaridad: Wendy's Week of Action

February 14, 2013
Teaser Image: Solidaridad: Wendy's Week of Action

Last week was a big week for farmworker justice and student power to unite! Real Food Challenge folks helped organize and participate in three different actions across the Northeast in solidarity with the Coalition of Imokalee Workers week of actions at Wendy's fast food locations nationwide.

Farmworker justice, an important piece of our campaigns around real food, has been increasing in awareness among student movements over the past few years as the Fair Food Program has gained support from many fast food corporations. To echo protestors in NYC, "Wendy's - your burgers might be square but your food ain't fair!"

From the CIW blog post:

"Wendy’s luckless attempts to wish away the Fair Food Program — from CEO Emil Brolick’s misleading claims about the company’s participation in the Fair Food Program during last spring’s shareholder meeting to local restaurant managers’ refusals to even speak with consumers during this summer’s protests — paint the picture of a company determined to turn its back, at all costs, on the historic changes taking place in Florida’s fields. Fortunately, the Fair Food Nation is not known for allowing fast-food industry leaders to dodge their responsibility to the workers who pick their tomatoes for long — much less their responsibility to consumers who believe in human rights!"

Here are some pictures showcasing last week's actions in Boston, Providence & NYC:

Action outside of Wendy's on Summer St. in Downtown Boston! This action attracted a lot of attention from passerbys during a busy lunch hour. Pictured in this photo is Nina Mukherji from RFC. Katy Hardt, Stefy Narvaez, David Schwartz & Tricia Kiefer from RFC were also in attendance.

According to the CIW blog post protesters in NYC (including our very own Ollín in the middle!) from Community / Farmworker Alliance "asked customers to toss a penny in the hat to help demonstrate consumer support for the Fair Food Program. If its customers are more than happy to do it, why isn’t Wendy’s?…"

In Providence, a attempted to deliver a letter to the manager, but they refused to speak with the protestors. This also happened at the Boston action and at others around the country.

If you participated in an action in your city share your photos on our Facebook page! We'll be back, Wendy's!