Our Partners

Engaging with other organizations - whether in solidarity or in collaboration - is a key value at Real Food Challenge. One of our six guiding principles is the Partnership Principle, which states: 

Collaboration with administration, dining services, food producers, community groups, and other allies is critical for reaching our goals.

We thank the following partners, and many others not named here, for their belief in our work and for bringing their unique perspectives, skills, and capacity to support our mission.


Core partners:

Partner logo: HEAL

HEAL Food Alliance

Real Food Challenge is an anchor member of the HEAL Food Alliance. As co-conveners of a process that resulted in the Real Food Platform from the vision of 50 diverse grassroots organizations, we operate within the HEAL network to coordinate and align our efforts. Learn more about HEAL and the other members of the Alliance on their website


Partner logo: Meal Exchange

Meal Exchange's Good Food Challenge

Meal Exchange has been working with the U.S.-based Real Food Challenge to develop a Good Food Challenge for Canada. Visit Meal Exchange's website for more information about the Good Food Challenge. 


Partner logo: Farm Forward

Farm Forward's Leadership Circle

As a Real Food Challenge partner, the Leadership Circle provides colleges and universities that have signed the Real Food Campus Commitment additional technical assistance toward meeting their humane procurement goals—historically, one of the most challenging places for higher education institutions to make purchasing changes. Visit Farm Forward's website to learn more about the Leadership Circle and our partnership.  


Frequent Collaborators

Appearing in no particular order, we frequently and deeply collaborate with the following other organizations (and many others not pictured here!):

Partner logo: Frequent Collaborators logos


Founding Organizations

The following organizations played a significant role in the founding of Real Food Challenge in 2008. Read more about our history here

Partner logo: Founding partner logos



We'd like to thank and recognize the following organizations and foundations for supporting our work through grants, thought partnership, and ongoing support:

  • Claneil Foundation
  • Clif Bar Family Foundation 
  • FarmAid
  • Gaia Fund
  • High Meadows Foundation
  • John Merck Fund
  • Kendall Foundation
  • Miller Innovation Fund
  • Movement Strategy Center
  • Noyes Foundation
  • Organic Valley's Farmers Advertising for Organic
  • Panta Rhea Foundation