Our Team

In addition to those listed below, the work of Real Food Challenge is credited to student leaders, organizational partners, and members of national working groups.  

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Amanda Jacir

Amanda Jacir ▸

Operations and Organizational Development Coordinator

Anim Steel

Anim Steel ▸

Executive Director

Dominique Fahmy

Dominique Fahmy ▸

Research and Programs Fellow

Estefanía Narváez

Estefanía Narváez ▸

Regional Coordinator (West)

Hannah Weinronk

Hannah Weinronk ▸

Program Coordinator


Lynx M'Chea ▸

Communications and South Coordinator

Nina Mukherji

Nina Mukherji ▸

Managing Director

Rosie Linares

Rosie Linares ▸

Regional Coordinator (California)

Sara Jo Malinske

Sara Jo Malinske ▸

Director of Development

Tlaloc Vasquez

Tlaloc Vasquez ▸

Training and Curriculum Design Coordinator

Project-Based Staff

Tina White

Tina White ▸

Assistant Program Coordinator

Student Steering Committee

Clarissa Chen

Clarissa Chen ▸

Johns Hopkins University

Brianna Patten

Brianna Patten ▸

Towson University

Elizabeth Wilkes

Elizabeth Wilkes ▸

University of Georgia

Sawson Gholami

Sawson Gholami ▸

University of Utah