Molly Abbattista

Research and Development Specialist

Born and raised in Denver but now a happily naturalized Midwesterner, Molly has lived in Chicago, IL for the last five years. She's excited to be back in RFC-world! Molly got connected to Real Food Challenge her senior year at Cornell College in Mount Vernon, IA; she spent that year learning to organize and, not coincidentally, failing to complete her honors thesis. She has no regrets about this, as she uses her RFC training (as a student leader and 2013-2014 Regional Fellow) literally every day, both through her neighborhood independent political organization and with a statewide org called The People's Lobby, where she co-chairs the Political Education team of TPL's Justice is Global task force. Her great loves include dinner parties, high fantasy, coffee shops, and strategizing about structurally transforming the global economy.

Molly's pronouns are she, her, hers.