Real Food Challenge Celebrates 2020!

Since 2008, thousands of students have learned how to organize campaigns and have won major commitments to local, sustainable, fair, and/or humane food sources at 80+ schools through the Get Real! campaign.

When we look back to when the campaign first launched, the food system and the world looked very different. Even the events of 2020 have drastically changed how we, as eaters, our communities, our institutions, and our producers interact with our food system. Although much is unknown in our new reality, one thing is very clear to us - how deeply important and necessary this work is to build a food system that is nourishing to us all. 

In 2020 Celebrations, Real Food Challenge takes a moment to reflect on the tremendous progress made by colleges and universities in this ever-shifting food system. We also take this moment to honor the legacy of student power that has built this movement from the ground up. This past decade gives us so much to celebrate and we hope to commemorate the real food achievements the Real Food Challenge network has made so we can move into the next decade with clarity and purpose towards a just and sustainable food system. 

Real Food Challenge Student & Alumni Spotlights

One of the biggest reasons why Real Food Challenge has so much to celebrate is because of the students and young people that drove this movement from the start. These are the folks that drove campaigns at their campuses to push their institutions to commit to real food, implemented the product shifts, and built the beginnings of a real food culture at their campuses and at colleges and universities all across the country. Student power is what initiated much of the achievements, progress, and creativity that we see today in the world of institutional purchasing. The Spotlights showcases some of the students and alumni in the Real Food Challenge network. Let's meet the folks behind the movement!

Becca Reath

Fort Lewis College '20, Environmental Biology with a GIS Certificate

Aleksander Gulkewicz

Lehigh University '20, Environmental Engineering

Olivia Barz

Lehigh University '20, Environmental Policy B.A., Urban Environmental Planning M.A.

Allison Li

Williams College '22.5, Psychology and Spanish

Emma McCurry

Santa Clara University '21, Bioengineering

Eugenne Rivas

California State University - Northridge '20, Public Health MPH, CHES

Jamie Talarico

Southern Oregon University '20, Business with a certificate in Sustainable Leadership

Kate Sundberg

Wesleyan University '20, Chemistry and Environmental Studies

Lucy Almberg

Stonehill College '21, Business Management Information Systems with a Health & Wellness Interdisciplinary Minor

Sarah Grobe

University of Vermont '22, Data Science

Sophie Martin

University of Massachusetts - Amherst '22, Environmental Science

Taylor Bentley

Gonzaga University '22, Environmental Studies with a Business & Visual Literacy Minor

Lucy Allen

University of Utah '20, Multi-disciplinary Design with an Environmental & Sustainability Studies Minor

Aolani Peiper

Fort Lewis College '19, Personal Care Provider & Community Organizer

Breanne Flynn

Gonzaga University '14, Northwest Regional Field Organizer '15, Sales Manager & Yoga Teacher

Issac Rubinstein

Colorado College '18, Yoga Teacher (in training)

Heather Frambach

Southwest Regional Field Organizer '12-'13, Food Systems Consultant

David Hamilton

Southeast Regional Field Organizer '08, Budding Orchardist, Musician & Healing Arts Practitioner

em Bigongiari

Western Washington University '19, Community Organizer & Coordinator for Generations Forward

Karen Weldon

Macalester College '14, Midwest Regional Field Organizer '14-'16, Research and Programs Assistant at Kahokugata Lake Institute & English Instructor

Molly Bajgot

University of Massachusetts - Amherst '14, Assistant Director of Jewish Life

Stephanie Yee

California State University - Monterey Bay '16, RFC Steering Committee member '15, Pharmaceuticals Procurement Buyer

Kitty Bolte

University of California - Santa Cruz '14, California Regional Field Organizer '11-'12 & '14-'15, RFC Steering Committee member '12-'15, Biologist with California Department of Fish and Wildlife

Sunny Kim

Johns Hopkins University - '13-'16, RFC Steering Committee member - '14-'17, RFC Steering Committee co-chair - '16-'17, Tech Recruiter at Robert Walters Korea


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