Real Food Resources ▸

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Implementation & Product Shift Resources ▸

  • Teaser image: Announcing the Launch of the Real Food Standards 2.1!

    Real Food Standards 2.1 ▸

    Our Real Food Standards are a set of position papers that outline the principles behind the Real Food Guide.
  • Preview Image: Real Food Guide 2.0

    Real Food Guide 2.1 ▸

    The Real Food Guide lists the third-party certifications and criteria that qualify a food as real. See our Real Food Standards to understand the principles behind the Real Food Guide.
  • Preview Image: Calculator Tour

    Real Food Calculator Tour ▸

    This resource takes you on a tour of the Calculator web application interface and the preliminary steps necessary to get an assessment started for your campus.
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Campaign & Organizing Resources ▸

  • Preview Image: Strategic Campaign Planning

    Strategic Campaign Planning ▸

    This resources provides some best practices for getting a Commitment campaign started on your campus.
  • Preview Image: Campaign Strategy Worksheet

    Campaign Strategy Worksheet ▸

    This document is a great place to write out your Commitment campaign goals and tactics. Make sure to consult the Strategic Campaign Planning resource for some best practices.
  • Preview Image: Coalition Building Guide

    Coalition Building Guide ▸

    Running a successful campaign means building a coalition. This resource helps you think through potential allies in your campus community.
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