Signatory Schools

By signing the Real Food Campus Commitment, schools commit to buying at least 20% Real Food annually by 2020 and thereby use their tremendous purchasing power to support a food system that strengthens local economies, respects human rights, and ensures ecological sustainability.

Collectively, the following institutions have committed to purchase $80 million worth of Real Food annually:

Image: Commitment banner 2

Four statewide university systems have committed to increasing local and Real Food across all their campuses: 

  • The California State University system
  • The University of California system
  • The University of Maine system (committed to 20% local food)
  • The Colorado Mountain College system
Image: Commitment banner 1

Finally, the schools below are listed in order of when they signed the Real Food Campus Commitment, committing to 20% Real Food by 2020, unless otherwise noted:

  1. Saint Mary's College Notre Dame, IN
  2. Drew University 
  3. Western State Colorado University
  4. University of California, Santa Cruz (committed to 40% Real Food)
  5. University of Vermont (committed to 25% Real Food)
  6. College of the Atlantic
  7. Wesleyan University
  8. Macalester College (committed to 30% Real Food)
  9. The Hotchkiss School
  10. Oberlin College (committed to 40% Real Food)
  11. Bard College (committed to 25% Real Food)
  12. Warren Wilson College (committed to 40% Real Food)
  13. Clark University
  14. University of Massachusetts, Amherst
  15. Lyndon State College
  16. Sterling College
  17. Cornell College
  18. Johns Hopkins University (committed to 35% Real Food)
  19. University of Montana
  20. Fort Lewis College
  21. Marlboro College
  22. Stonehill College
  23. George Washington University
  24. Colorado Mountain College, Steamboat Springs
  25. Gonzaga University
  26. University of Denver
  27. Occidental College (committed to 30% Real Food)
  28. McDaniel College
  29. Middlebury College (committed to 30% Real Food)
  30. University of Utah
  31. University of Pittsburgh
  32. The Evergreen State College (committed to 28% Real Food)
  33. University of Oklahoma
  34. Siena College
  35. Antioch College
  36. Northwestern University
  37. Case Western Reserve University
  38. Haverford College
  39. Western Washington University (committed to 25% Real Food)
  40. University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill
  41. Florida Gulf Coast University
  42. Smith College
  43. Lehigh University